about Us


Spotlight School of Music brings art education to the community, enriches students’ lives with music, dance, art, and martial arts, builds character, and prepares students for a successful well-rounded future. Performing in public, competing in auditions, and giving back to the community, are all part of Spotlight School of Music’s important values.

Founded in 2008, Spotlight School of Music has grown tremendously, from a few piano students to include classes in many instruments and in other arts. Spotlight’s students have performed on TV, radio, and at many community events.

Spotlight School’s teachers are professionally trained and dedicated, and they love teaching. Our new, bright, wide space provides an environment where students want to learn.

Spotlight School offers private music classes and group classes in art, dance, and martial arts. We hold workshops and recitals for our music students to improve their skills and stage presence.

Our piano students participate in annual testing programs by the National Guild of Piano Teachers, where an extremely high percentage of Spotlight’s students won the highest grade given by the Guild, “Superior Plus.”